Personal details:

Stefan Wenzl

D-82194 Gröbenzell (near München)

Westendstr. 19

Tel:    +49 8142 652 39 60

Mobile: +49 172 863 81 74

Nationality: German




Coaching / Training

Customising R/3 SD Release 4.6

Customising BW Release 2.1, 3.0, 3,1, 3.3, 3,5, 7.0 (Netweaver 2004s)

Focusing on: SAP  BW


Deployment location:

Preferably Europe, english or german speaking project


Foreign languages:

English: good command of written and spoken language

French: basic knowledge


Operating systems:



Windows network: Windows WfW, Win 95, Win ME, Win NT, WinXP Pro


Programming languages:

ABAP/4: ABAP Workbench

Basic: Basic, GFA-Basic


dBase: II  /  III  /   IV




Data bases:

Access: version 2.0, 95, 97, 2000, 2003




xBase: dbase II, III, IV


Data communication:

Internet, Intranet






MS Office Professional (Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint) Vers. 2.0, 95, 97, 2000, 2003

NetObjects Fusion 5.0, Adobe GoLive 5.0, MS Project 2000

Website concepts, design, set-up, operation, maintenance (Internet, HTM), HTML, FTP),

SageKHK products, project-orientated software solutions

SAP R/3 SD Rel. 4.6 up to and including level 3 (customising)

SAP R/3 FI level 2

SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse) level 3


Sectors of industry:

Service industry, crafts, building trade,

industry, commerce


Degree courses:

Economics course (business management, economics, law) at Hagen University (distance learning course).

Emphasis on: business management

Various further-education courses and knowledge gained autodidactically

in fields such as, for example, company management, time management, soft skills,

programming languages, data base languages and many others



       SAP R/3 Rel. 4.6C:

SAP 20    Application basics

SAP 50    Technical fundamentals


       SAP R/3 Module SD Rel. 4.6C:

LO 150    Distribution processes

LO 605    Sales

LO 606    Workshop sales

LO 610    Despatching

LO 615    Invoicing

LO 620    Pricing

LO 650    Inter-disciplinary customising in SD

D446SD  Release change 4.0 to 4.6 in SD


        SAP R/3 Module FI Rel. 4.6C:

AC 010 Introduction to external accounting


        SAP  Business Informaion Warehouse:

BW 200    Survey of Business Information Warehouse

BW 205  / BW 305  BW analysis

BW 207    BW reporting management

BW 210  / BW 310  BW system configuration

BW 220  / BW 350  BW data extraction

BW 360    BW Performance and Administration

BW 370    BW Business Planning and Simulation

PDEBWB   User Exits, BAdIs and ABAP Programming in the BW Backend



        SAP  Basis Rel. 4.6C:

BC 400    ABAP Workbench




Projects (latest shown first):



September 2005 - July 2008:


 Global IT Services Company, Northern Europe.


-          several SAP BW Netweaver 2004s projects (FI, CO, SD, PCA, PS) for global company, very complex IT landscape, RampUp BI 7.0, SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), extensive work with BI 7.0 functionalities like i.e. transformations, DTPs, BIA etc. Redesign of complex PS content including modification on R/3 side and Business Content (GUID), Reconciliation projects. Several full life cycle projects from gathering requirements, design, development, test, go live to post go live support in backend and front end areas. project language English.


July 2005 - August 2005:

  Global IT Services Company in Brussels, Belgium, SAP BW project,

  project language Englisch.


-          Perfomance optimizing for complex process chains uploading SAP HR master and transactional data.

-          Reduction of the loading time between 30% and 70 % with redesign and load balancing.


May 2005 - June 2005:

  Premium automotive manufacturer, SAP BW project (Rel. 3.5), project language German.


-          Build up of a bespoke data model for PS (project system) according to technical specification including  creation of info objects (characteristics, key figures), datasources, infosources, info cubes, multicubes.

-          Organizing data loads, datastaging, testing of master data (attributes, texts, hierarchies) and transactional data.

-          Creation of complex reports (queries) and workbooks with multiple queries.


October 2004 - April 2005:

  International company (components supplier), SAP BW project (Rel. 3.5),

  project languages English and German.


-          Build up of a BW system for Northern Europe from scratch with CORE data models including all customizing tasks, managing all transports from CORE BW system to local BW development system and later to production system.

-          Establish connections between BW systems and all source systems.

-          Development and implementation of an operation schedule for master data and transactional data from all used applications like i.e. FI, CO-PA, SD, MM, PP, and many generic  data sources.

-          Conceptual design and implementation of an authorization concept according to customer requirements.

-          Build of testing environments to check proper functionality of CORE data models, CORE reports.

-          Adjust, change, repair i.e. update rules and CORE reports together with CORE team in France.

-          Development of new reports (queries and workbooks with Bex Analyzer/ Query designer) on different applications to meet local reporting requirements.

-          Improve performance of data staging and reports (queries).

-          Analysis of SEM-BPS functions and giving recommendations for changes to CORE team due to differing business processes.

-          Conceptual design of a local sales info model as a bespoke model combining standard SD and LE data sources with generic ones and support developer team.

-          Create, test and implement queries and workbooks according to the business requirements giving particular attention to performance issues.

-          Knowledge transfer / support / training of BW administrators, trainers and key user.

-          1st, 2nd and 3rd level support.


Jan 2003 – August 2004:


  international company (industry), SAP BW project, project language english.


-          Conceptual design of AR (accounts receivables) info model as a bespoke model combining billing information coming from SD with finance information coming from special purpose ledger according to customer requirements.

-          Build of testing environments for newly developed info models and reports.

-          Managing transports between development and production system

-          Move data models and data from an AIX based BW system to a Linux based system. Customizing of the data mart interface and migration.

-          Design, test and implementation of performance oriented data model for special purpose ledger (FI-SL).

-          Design and implementation of bespoke data model for inventory controlling including changes of some extractors to fulfill customer requirements. (2LIS_03_BX, 2LIS_03_BF, 2LIS_03_UM)

-          Development and implementation of reports (i.e. financial reports like profit and loss statements, sales reports, inventory controlling reports …) with Query designer, BexAnalyzer, Web query designer.

-          User maintenance and changes on authorization concept (profiles, roles, authorization objects).

-          Development of data marts updating multi level ODS objects / info cubes for sales and distribution (SD) and purchasing (MM).

-          Preparation and post processing of BW upgrade from release 2.1c to 3.1 / 3.3 AddOn.

-          User support in all levels.

-          Training of BW collegues and leading the team (3 consultants)


August 2002 – December 2002:


  international company (industry), SAP BW project, project language english.

-          Take over of very complex SAP Business Warehouse

-          Maintenance, customizing / controlling / optimizing data loading processes, trouble shouting, repair in case of problems.

-          Development of queries and reports, User support (all levels)


July 2002 – August 2002:


  international company (industry), project language english.

-          support SD and MM after go live

-          improvement of business processes (SD / MM)

-          supporting development of info structures in R/3



- Jan 2002 – June 2002: Analysis with VIS / LIS / Bex Analyser, Customizing.

- Assistance in designing a multidimensional data model with documentation.


- 2001 and earlier: preparation and implementation of

  standard training courses in the field of logistics (SD, Rel. 4.6C).

- Working with ABAP Workbench and Business Information Warehouse 2.1c.

- Planning, design, operation and maintenance of an Internet presence (website with public

  forum) for the medium-sized service sector.

- Examination of various software products with regard to the possibility of using them in the company, selection, introduction and company-specific adaptation in the company.

- Programming of complex technical applications (DIN standards)

- Programming of smaller data base applications (order processing,

  statistical evaluations, etc.)

- Management of a medium-sized service company.

  Responsible for the business sectors of the finance department, controlling, purchasing,

  distribution, personnel management, logistics, marketing.

  Active involvement in clubs, training courses, publications.





- One-man GmbH [limited liability company] (It Consulting & Training) 
  in order to ensure legal certainty.
- At home, I have an SAP R/3 System Rel. 4.6 (all modules) , 4.7 Enterprise,
  SAP BW 3.5, SEM, CRM, APO at my disposal.
   => preparations can, if so desired, also be done in my own office.